Continuing Education for Caring Professionals

Building safer and more inclusive environments by training  healthcare providers and educators about gender diversity.

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Our Approach

Our mission is to build safer and more inclusive environments by training and consulting with healthcare professionals, employers, parents and educators about gender diversity. We work to unravel preconceived notions of gender by empowering participants to relate to gender non-conforming individuals and their families with empathy, affirmation, and respect. 

ReLearn offers immersive, interactive trainings that enable participants to better address the needs of gender diverse and transgender populations. ReLearn utilizes cutting-edge research to inform our instruction on best practices for educators as well as health care providers.

What We Offer


The transgender community faces several major health disparities, including an increased risk for self-injurious behaviors. However, we also know that the negative impacts stemming from discrimination and oppression are preventable with appropriate training as transgender allies. 

ReLearn highlights the “T” in LGBT, focusing on gender identity, gender expression, and how traditional gender roles affect and limit all people. Our workshops include utilization of current information on best practices for working with transgender clients in health care, professional, and educational settings.

Upcoming Workshops

  • Testimonial 1

    "Both of these providers are very skilled providers who also have a heart and a passion for this work. The training gave me practical skills to take back as well as helped with the continued self-exploring that is needed to grow. I would highly recommend this training!"

    Raelean Hendrickson 
    LICSW, Kaiser Permanente Care Management

  • Sean Seyer MA LMHC

    "Even as a trained clinician who works exclusively in the trans communities, I walked away from this training with a greater depth of knowledge and confidence in my work as an advocate and mental health provider."

    Sean Seyer 

  • Siobhan Budwey, PhD

    "ReLearn's training was incredibly helpful and one that is much needed for therapists. I learned about the different treatment options and how to best support transgender clients. Matt and Jamie were knowledgable and provided a warm and supportive learning environment."

    Siobhan Budwey
    PhD, Clinical Psychologist

  • Cristina Mullen

    "These two presenters have such a depth and breadth of knowledge on the subject! There was not a question they could not answer therefore we were able to explore the topic in depth. The experiential exercise helped to test an understanding and intefration of new material into a current clinical toolkit."

    Cristina Mullen  

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